Spiritual Study

Taking forward our Spiritual Teacher’s last message to spread the teachings, we diligently conduct weekly group study sessions for spiritual aspirants, aiming to consciously & determinedly expedite their advancement & growth in the spiritual field.

“The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical”.

All are welcome to join us in this beautiful Eternal Journey!


When: Saturdays, 1700 Hrs

Where: HCPL Office, Adyar

Contact Person: Ms. Selvi, +91 95000 65550 (Please do confirm beforehand)

Current Subject of Study – Basic Theosophy, The Living Wisdom by Geoffrey Hodson


Dr. Sir Cliff Saldanha is currently covering the study of Theosophical concepts via the reading of a renowned book authored by Geoffrey Hudson – an occultist, mystic, clairvoyant theosophist; who contributed greatly not only to the Theosophical Society but the overall evolution of the mankind – through many a books and articles on mystical subjects; thereby empowering & enlightening souls keen on their inner journeys.


“Join these learned sessions to understand how one can make a remarkable shift in their consciousness & positively impact their personal & professional lives, as Dr. Cliff explains these concepts from an everyday’s situations standpoint.”