Yoga Prana Vidya - Healing Course - Level 1

The word Arhat means a Paramhansa – someone highly advanced along the path of Enlightenment – One who has a highly developed Intuition, lives a life of moderation and discipline, has refined emotions and works for the benefit of Humanity. A three day workshop, The Path to Arhatship is the spiritual system developed by Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui that claims to safely and rapidly accelerate the development of one’s Body, Mind & Soul. MACKS called this a “Synthesis of Yoga and a Yoga of Synthesis, as The Path to Arhatship is a unique symphony of different higher Meditations that are harmoniously synchronized, to maximize the development of the Soul and is a fast track Path to Arhatship.


The Purpose of TPA is to produce Intelligent, Compassionate, Good Hearted, Powerful Disciples who will become Great Divine Servants, [Who accelerate the evolutionary development of the soul, so that a person may be of greater service to mankind and to the Planet Earth.] Through diligent practice of TPA schedule, students are lead to achieve rapid and balanced Soul development, because this Spiritual Practice accelerates the Evolution of the Soul.



Awaken the Light within You Level – II (Ignite Your Soul)