Pranic Healing with Energy Chips

The Magic of Energy Chips Course

The Magic of Energy Chips is a one day course, in which one learns the Amalgamation of the Ancient Wisdom of working with Energy and the Modern Technology of Programmable Chips, thus bringing together the Wonderful and most Effective Trio of Mantra, Tantra & Yantra !!!!

The Energy Chips come in Seven different colours, which through the Ancient Wisdom of working with Paranormal Phenomena, can be made capable of harnessing the various Cosmic Energy vibrations, through the power of millions of specialized microscopic crystals embedded in them. These can store, process and accurately respond to a predetermined set of instructions, however complex or intricate they may be, with unfailing memory and accuracy.

The Energy Chips thus can be programmed to perform desired functions, which is similar to the Modern technology of programming the computer chips whose use we are all so familiar with.

The Energy Chips can be used for Rapid Pain Relief in addition to Healing the body from various diseases whether new or old.

The Energy Chips can also be combined with Medical Treatment or various Energy Healing Practices, to bring about Speedy Healing from various ailments and restore one’s Well-Being.

The Energy Chips can also be used as Talismans or Charms to generate certain variety of Psychic Vibrations at all times, to bring about the desired personality changes in the user and thus properly influence the person’s behaviour and actions. This is essential because almost all the chronic ailments are Psychosomatic in nature, meaning though the affliction shows up as a physical malfunctioning of some or the other organ or system of the body, the root cause lies somewhere in the realm of the Psyche of the person.

Thus the Energy Chips can be used, to treat Stress, Tension and Anxiety; for Happy Relationships and Harmony at Home and at the Work place; for Success and Progress at work, studies and business; for Magnetic Personality; to be Vital, Dynamic and Dependable and to become the Master of your own Destiny.

All of this information, knowledge and training is imparted by “Dr. Cliff Saldanha” in this one day workshop that holds the promise of making Ordinary persons accomplish Extraordinary results in life.

The Workshop is hence named “The Magic of Energy Chips.”