The Great Invocation

The purpose of the Invocation is that “May Light, Love, and Good Will transform our world.”

Invocation is important because it builds a channel for the Divine Powers to enter into the world, becoming realized and manifested.


‘The Great Invocation’ is an example of a world-service invocation. It was given by a Holy Master and brought into world recognition through the disciple, Alice A Bailey. Students of arcane teachings worldwide, use this invocation in meditations, individually and in groups. Its purpose is to help bring Light, Love, and Spiritual Power into the world.


Let us now look at the Great Invocation, as an example of a world-service meditation. To understand its spiritual meaning and usefulness, the reader will need to meditate on each stanza, or even better, work with it for a few weeks, to get to know it better and to learn its effectiveness for invocational world-service.


The first step, though, is to give this Invocation a try, just the way it is. Read it, say it, meditate on it, and practice this as an example of a spiritual invocation for the good of the world. See what insights come from this, and intuitively sense its purpose and effect.