*Planetary Meditation For Peace* 
 Pray and Meditate for World Peace!!!!!
  • Have you ever longed to reach an inner state of Calmness and Peace?
  • Have you ever wondered how you can escape from the Emotional Agitation or Turmoil within you or around you?
  • Do you wish to release the procession of constant Negative Thoughts or Repetitive Thought Patterns going around in your head like a Broken Record?
  • Do these Negative Thoughts and Emotions tend to turn you against yourself, or turn you against the people around you?
Have you felt it would be too challenging, to tackle these situations that disturb your Equanimity?
The Practice of, *The Planetary Meditation for Peace* is then the answer.
This Meditation enables one to send Loving Energy to every person and every being in the world. This Powerful Energy when radiating out, sends Light, Hope and Divine Strength to others and since one is entitled to receive back the qualities being projected, practitioners of this Meditation experience Kindness, Compassion, Peace, Harmony, Love and much more, abundantly in their lives.
This Intercultural, Non Sectarian teaching, increase ones understanding of a simple process that will help you rapidly reach an Internal State of Peace, Contentment and Happiness, which is greatly desired by all of us. When practitioners practice regularly, their faces will lighten up and they will be filled with Divine Light in their Heart and their ability to Love themselves as well as others will increase manifold.
When you change your Inner State your outer surroundings too tend to change accordingly.
These Simple Practices not only benefit the Practitioner, but all People, all Beings, Animals and also the Environment around them to a certain radius. When more and more People become Internally Peaceful, the World around us would thus begin to Transform.
Greats Spiritual Teachers have taught us that in this way, through the group effort of projecting Love, Caring, Positive Thoughts and Emotions to all others without exception, we may achieve *World Peace.*

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