Yoga Prana Vidya - Healing Course - Level 1

*The Merkaba Mediation*

An 8 hours course that helps those interested, to Improve and Progress in their endeavour towards the Expansion of Consciousness.

The word Merkaba literally translated from Hebrew means “Chariot” and that’s what it actually represents, the Vehicle of our Soul. In the ancient Egyptian language, it is broken down to mean, MER-Rotating fields of Light – The Mind, KA – The Atma/Soul and BA – The JeevAtma/Body, meaning that this Meditation works on our Body, Mind & Soul.

In this Meditation the practitioner activates the Vehicle and keeps it Vital and Vibrant at all times.

When the Merkaba is Activated with regular and proper practice, it serves to Balance all the Chakras of the Body, in all their implications, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual and thereby brings about a perfect balance of the Right and Left Brain activity.

It creates a Protective Energy field around the Practitioner and impacts everyone and everything in its ambit, thus creating a Conducive and Supportive environment, full of the Vibrations of Love and Compassion and keeping at bay all distractions. In short, The Activated Merkaba acts as a Shield against all Dark Forces in the Universe.

It facilitates deep Spiritual Growth and Activation and shifts one’s Orientation from Personal Ego and Materialism to that of Higher Consciousness. Thereby one begins to look at Problems and Difficulties as Lessons to be Learnt instead of as Impediments and deals with them Joyfully.

Here’s your Opportunity to Learn and Practice this Wonderful Meditation that has the Possibility of fulfilling your Aspirations to the Attainment of these Divine Goals!!!!