Meditation On The Atma

When a Practitioner reaches a State of Inner Stillness, then there may be a moment when they experience a sensation like a gentle but intense internal explosion. They may experience simultaneously or suddenly be aware of an intense degree of Oneness with their soul, with God and with ALL. This is why this part of Awakening the Light Within You is called “Ignite your Soul”.

When this breakthrough comes the Practitioner, symbolically speaking moves through a gateway that unlock deeper Understanding of the Subtle Inner World, as well as Spiritual Truths including Incarnation, Karma, Clairvoyance and ultimately Spiritual Liberations.

They may experience any levels of Universal Truth while on the Path to Illumination. In Level II of Awkening the Light Within You the student learns simple techniques that readily allow them to move through this gateway into the blissfulness of Divine Oneness.


To reach this stage a short simple serious of Teaching and Techniques are recommended.Through regular Practice generally Practitioners develop Greater Compassion and their Will Power and Energy Level is substantially Increased. They become better channels for the Divine Light, Love and Power.


Awaken the Light Within You Level I