Awaken The Inner LIght with you

Awaken the light within you – Level I

Given the present day hectic lifestyle & on-going stress associated with it, we often long to reach a state of inner calmness & peace and wonder how we can escape from the emotional agitation or turmoil within/around us, which tends to sometimes turn us against ourselves or others around us. This not only spoils relationships with one’s self & others, these challenges also disturb our equanimity to tackle day to day situations effectively.

A half a day workshop, Awaken the Light within You is the first step towards increasing one’s understanding of this simple process that enables one to rapidly reach an internal state of peace, contentment & happiness. The regular practice of Awaken the Light within You helps one to release the continuous procession of constant negative thoughts or repetitive thought patterns by allowing one to send loving energy to every person & every being. This powerful energy radiates out into the world and when one sends Light, Hope & Divine Energy to others, they are entitled to receive back some of these qualities that they are projecting to others.
When practitioners practice regularly, their faces will light up; their heart energy will be filled with love & compassion and thus their ability to love themselves & others will increase.

Eligibility: None (Open to those 16 years & above)

Contact for registration now: +91 95000 65550

Awaken the light within you – Level II

One often asks this question “Who Am I?”, “What Am I Doing Here?”, “Where Am I Going”, “What Is the Purpose of this Life?” Awaken The Light Within You, Level – II eventually helps one to experience this truth.


This 1.5 days’ workshop has been designed for those who are very keenly interested in pursuing a spiritual path, as it helps accelerate the evolutionary process of the soul. Its purpose is basically to hasten the union of the Incarnated Soul (often called the personality or lower self) with the Higher Soul (Higher Self).


In Awaken the Light within You II, the practitioner learns simple techniques that readily allow them to unlock deeper understanding of the subtle inner world, as well as spiritual truths which include Reincarnation, Karma, Clairvoyance and ultimately Spiritual Liberation. They may experience various levels of Universal Truth while on the path to illumination. Through regular practice, Practitioners generally develop greater Compassion and their Will Power & Energy Level is substantially increased. They become better channels for Divine Light, Love & Power.


Awaken the Light Within You Level – I (Pray & Meditate for World Peace)

Contact for registration now: +91 95000 65550

Awaken The Light Within You 2