Complementary Treatments for Common Illnesses and Disorders

Easy to learn & implement approach, over the last few decades – this ancient esoteric science has fast become a popular household healing aid, across the globe.

Stress therapy and Management for personal development

Given the present day fast paced lifestyles, many things in our day to day routines disturb us, such as stress at work and home; leading to frustration, disappointment, arguments etc. This, in the long run manifests as pain, discomfort, physical and psychological problems. Most people use medicine to deal with their illnesses. Although it is a necessary thing to do, but in many cases it has numerous adverse side effects and more so when Psychotropic drugs are necessary to be used. While the use of medicine helps one to heal the physical body, Yoga Prana Vidya compliments it by healing the energy body. HCPL offers numerous courses and workshops on how to use subtle energies around us and short meditations to bring about peace and harmony in our everyday personal & professional life.

The Art & Science of Kriya Shakti

Kriya Shakti is a Revolutionary Approach to Successful Management of Your Life and using Esoteric Laws, it teaches you to break free from traditional approaches to Life’s Challenges and assists in removing obstacles, which otherwise may have not even been recognized.Through using this Energy Technology, you are able to view life from the Energetic Perspective! This, together with other applications of Energy, extracted from various traditions, will impart knowledge that will give you the cutting edge in your personal and professional life, to use Meditation to Produce Stellar Results and increase the Volume of your Profit by the application of Esoteric Laws!

The Science of Karma

The Law of Karma or more accurately, The Law of Causation/Law of Cause & Effect – is a natural Law, applicable to all forms of evolutionary kingdoms -(mineral, plant, animal & human kingdoms). This Law is based on nature’s principal that every thought, word and action has an equal & opposite reaction. An accurate understanding of this Law, makes a person wiser and empowers them to use their mental faculty & free will to choose their responses to situations in life appropriately & design their future accordingly. Learn more about The Science of Karma at HCPL’s Free Study Sessions. To get information on our next session, contact us at: 044-24419028.

Courses, Workshops and Certifications

Healing Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Chennai (HCPL), is affiliated to The Inner Sciences India Trust. All courses and workshops are  specifically designed and tailor made to the various topics. It also gives you the opportunity to be certified for every course and puts you well on your way to becoming a Yoga Prana Vidya Instructor in your own right. Courses and Workshops cover the following areas:

  • Yoga Prana Vidya or Pranic Energy Healing
  • Spiritual Courses
  • Courses on Prosperity and Personal Development
  • Short & Long Meditations
Yoga Prana Vidya - Ajna Energy Center