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Welcome to The World of Pranic Energy Healing

Yoga Prana Vidya, through simple application of Energy, allows people to transform their lives, in ways they previously thought were impossible. Yoga Prana Vidya, as popularly known, is an ancient science of healing the energy & physical bodies using Prana or Life Force. It involves no touch or usage of drugs and anyone can learn and practice it to a fair degree of proficiency, in a very short period of time.

Are you Intelligent, yet don’t get Good Grades?
Are you Hardworking, yet not Successful?
Are you Beautiful, yet not Attractive?
Are you Careful with your Lifestyle, yet fall Ill Often?
Are you Alive, yet not having a Great Time?
Something is missing! Want to Fix it?

Bring out the Beautiful, Successful and Wonderful in You!!!

Latest News & Events

Online Course YPV Level-l

From 3.00 p.m. to 7.00pm On 24/02/24 - 27/02/24

For Registration please contact Ms Selvi on 044 24419021/28. At Healing Consultancy Pvt Ltd before the 22/02/24

On 12/12/23. Timing: 4.00 p.m.

Venue: Adyar Healing Center, Adyar, Chennai - 600 020.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing
Treatment Clinic

  • In alignment with our spiritual teacher’s mission to help alleviate mankind’s physical, emotional & psychological afflictions, we conduct Energy Healing Treatment from 3:00 PM everyday at our Center.

Counselling Clinic

  • They say “Life is a roller coaster trip” – Twirling us in all different directions and leaving us with deep wounds and psychological traumas; it sometimes take years and maybe even incarnations to uproot them completely.
  • To help our clients deal with such physical, emotional, psychological barriers; counselling sessions are available; by a qualified counsellor from The Madras University at the Clinic.

Absent Healing

  • For patients who are unable to visit us in person at the clinic, we also conduct Absent Energy Healing Treatment every night. This could mean patients – outstation as well as in station, and patients from all around the world, who are unable to travel.
  • To register yourself or a loved one for Absent Healing, Kindly fill up the Request for Healing Form



Please reach us at

+91 95000 65550 / 044 4550 0881 / 044 2441 9021/28

to fix up an appointment.

Please reach us at   91 95000 65550 / 044 4550 0881 /

044 2441 9021/28  to fix up an appointment.